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Canada. Radiocommunication ACT;  

Canada. Telecommunication ACT;  

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Canada Radiocommunication Act:
“Bidding system for radio authorizations
(1.2) In exercising the power under paragraph (1)(a) to issue radio authorizations, the Minister may use a system of competitive bidding to select the persons to whom radio authorizations will be issued.
Payments pursuant to bids
(1.3) Where the Minister accepts a bid for a radio authorization under a system of competitive bidding, any moneys payable to Her Majesty pursuant to the bid are in lieu of any fees fixed under this or any other Act for the radio authorization.”

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Telecommunications Act
(6) A licence is not transferable except with the consentof the Commission.

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Suspension or revocation of radio authorization 
(2) The Minister may suspend or revoke a radio authorization
(a) with the consent of the holder thereof;
(b) after giving written notice to the holder and giving the holder a reasonable opportunity to make representations to the Minister with respect thereto, where the Minister is satisfied that
(i) the holder has contravened this Act, the regulations or the terms or conditions of the radio authorization, or
(ii) the radio authorization was obtained through misrepresentation; or
(c) on giving written notice of suspension or revocation to the holder, without having to give the holder an opportunity to make representations to the Minister with respect thereto, where the holder has failed to comply with a request to pay fees or interest due under paragraph 6(1)(l).
LICENSING FRAMEWORK for the Auction of Residual Spectrum Licences in the  2300 MHz and 3500 MHz Bands
13.  Implementation of Spectrum Usage 
 In the event that the spectrum obtained in this auction has not been put to use within five years of receipt of the licence(s), the Department may begin a process to afford the licensee the opportunity to demonstrate why its licence should not be revoked. The Department may also facilitate discussions between holders of the spectrum who have not deployed services and potential local service providers wanting to provide Wireless Communication Services or Fixed Wireless Access service to unserved or under-served areas through spectrum in the secondary market. The Department will consider the level of service coverage and spectrum development by the end of year five as important criteria in deciding whether the licensees should continue to have an expectation of licence renewal ...