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Article 24, 39, Telecommunications Act
“Art. 24 Granting of the licence 
1 A radiocommunications licence shall, as a rule, be granted on the basis of a public invitation to tender if it is intended to provide telecommunications services using the requested frequencies and there are not enough frequencies available to meet all applicants’ present and future needs. 
2 The Federal Council shall regulate the procedure. It shall be conducted in accordance with the principles of objectivity, non-discrimination and transparency and guarantee the confidential character of all information provided by applicants. 
4 In the procedure concerning the public invitation to tender, interim decisions are not in themselves contestable by means of appeal.
Art. 39 Licence fees for radiocommunications 
4 If the radiocommunications licence is granted by auction, the licence fee shall correspond to the amount of the bid, less administrative charges for the invitation to tender and the granting of the licence. The licensing authority may fix a minimum bid.”

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Telecommunications Act
Art. 24d62 Transfer of the licence 
1 The licence may be transferred in part or as a whole to a third party only with the consent of the licensing authority. This also applies to the economic transfer of the licence.
 2 An economic transfer of the licence occurs when a company has obtained control of the licensee in accordance with the law on cartels.

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- DN có thể bị đình chỉ hoặc bị thu hồi giấy phép nếu CQQL phát hiện DN vi phạm các quy định của Luật; DN không đáp ứng các điều kiện để được cấp giấy phép.
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- Bị thu hồi mà không được đền bù khi không hoàn thành phủ sóng đúng thời hạn quy định; khi có sự thông đồng trong đấu giá.
- CQQL có thể sửa đổi hoặc thu hồi giấy phép do những thay đổi trong điều kiện thực tế hoặc pháp lý nếu việc sửa đổi hoặc thu hồi là cần thiết để đảm bảo lợi ích công cộng quan trọng. Trong trường hợp này, DN sẽ được bồi thường thích đáng nếu các quyền được chuyển giao bị thu hồi hoặc giảm đáng kể. 

Art. 58 Surveillance 
1 The Office shall ensure that international telecommunications law, this Act, its implementing provisions, and licences are complied with. It may assign certain surveillance tasks to organisations incorporated under private law and co-operate with such organisations. 
2 If the Office detects an infringement of the law, it may: 
a. call on the legal or natural person responsible for the infringement to remedy the infringement or take measures to prevent any repetition of it; the person responsible for the infringement must inform the Office of the measures it has taken; 
b. require the legal or natural person responsible for the infringement to surrender to the Confederation any revenue generated during the infringement; 
c. make the licence subject to conditions; 
d. restrict, suspend, revoke or withdraw the licence or restrict, suspend or totally forbid the activity of the legal or natural person responsible for the infringement. 
3 The Office shall withdraw the licence if essential conditions for granting it cease to be fulfilled. 
4 If the licence has been granted by the Commission, the Commission shall take the corresponding measures based on the proposal made by the Office. 
5 The competent authority may take precautionary measures

INVITATION TO TENDER for frequency blocks for the nationwide provision of mobile telecommunications services in Switzerland
3.5 Utilisation obligations 
The utilisation rights awarded with the licence may be revoked without compensation if the required coverage is not provided in due time, or if the general usage obligation is not fulfilled.
3.11 Amendment and revocation of the licence 
The licensing authority may amend or revoke the licence due to changes in actual or legal conditions if the amendment or revocation is necessary to guarantee important public interest (Art. 24e para. 1 TCA). In this case, the licensee shall be appropriately compensated if the transferred rights are revoked or substantially reduced (Art. 24e para. 2 TCA).
7.1 Collusion 
Candidates who act in collusion as defined in the paragraph above may not be allowed to take part in the auction or may be excluded from the bidding procedure, depending on the stage of the procedure. A licence which has already been awarded will be revoked without compensation. The provisions of Section 7.3 below shall apply mutatis mutandis.